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May 11, 2019 Automobile, Motorcycle and Road Art Auction, at the 60th Annual Great Woods Swap Meet X

We are now accepting consignments for our May 11, 2019 Auction.   Please call us at 774-265-7883 to discuss your consignments. 

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Your Collection

 After investing years of effort in building  your collection.  You deserve the best when it comes to selling a collection.   Rapoza Auctions is ready to represent you and your family when it comes time to sell.  

The Consignment / Selling process


The first step in the process is to contact a representative from Rapoza Auctions. 774-265-7883.   We will be happy to conduct a free valuation of your property and provide you with a pre-sale estimate range.  

Please call  for a no obligation appointment.

Promoting your collection

Rapoza Auctions handles everything needed to sell your collection.  We  will catalog your entire collection,   promotions,  mailings and presentations  for online and live bidding.  

Questions? Please give us a call. 774 265 7883

Vehicle and Road Art Consignments

Vehicle Consignment

Selling is simple at Rapoza Auctions!   Commission selling rates for the first Annual Great Woods Swap meet is free.

Please give us a call now! 774-265-7883

Auction Day      Arrange for your vehicle(s) to be at the auction no later than   Friday Morning May 10, 2019, prior to preview,  with your consignment package completed with original title.  If your paperwork is not correct or  complete we can not sell your motor vehicle.  If you have questions about titles or paperwork please call us immediately. 

Express Check-in   Email copies of your paperwork to us prior to auction.  Upon arrival at the auction, complete the check-in process by providing signed Auction Listing Contract. 

When you have completed the vehicle check-in process,  we will do a visual Vehicle Identification Number inspection.   When successful, the vehicle will then be parked in designated area.  All original documentation must be in held by the auction office personnel.  Do not leave anything in the vehicle.

On the Block   When vehicle is on the auction block. Identify yourself to staff so we may act on your behalf in the event you want to remove the reserve.

Road Art consignments

Road Art/Memorabilia

Please call us to discuss your collection.  We need your  consignments early for photographing, catalogs and internet  bidding.    

Call now 774-265-7883